Your Hosts

Photo by Ingrid Wilcox

 Harold Johnson

Harold Johnson is a member of Champagne and Aishihik First Nations, and a member of the crow clan. Harold’s idea for the camp originated in the 1980’s, when he realized a need to cultivate our heritage, and began talking to our elders about how to achieve this. After years of consultation to make sure of the authenticity of the tools and structures, he looked for one more piece to begin his creations, a business partner who believed in this project. When he met Meta, they began to plan the camp. Work was begun in 1994, and by May 1995 Long Ago Peoples Place opened its doors to the public. But the work continues, as the structures require annual attention with new wood, new branches, new twine, just as original structures did in the old days.


Meta Williams

Meta Williams is a member of the Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation and belongs to the wolf clan. Meta has over the years researched her family to find her true self and where she belongs. In this search she supported Long Ago Peoples Place in its development. She became the program manager, booking voice and familiar face in regards to Long Ago Peoples Place. Along with running activities and programming. Meta also believes in supporting community members and creating employment opportunities by hiring local Southern Tutchone First Nations expertise.